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Get the Inside Scoop On the College Admissions Process

Brandywine Valley College Specialists (BVCS) has a proven methodology to ensure your target schools are right for who your child is. That’s our foundation. Then we focus on identifying your child’s core strengths. Finally we create great (and reusable) content for your applications. That means more acceptance letters!!

Optimize Your Financial Aid

BVCS will take the guess work out of what many parents identify as the worst part of the college admissions process. We’ll organize you! We’ll help you determine the key data, and we’ll make it as easy to fill out 10 applications as it is to do 1.

Eliminate the Complexity (Relax and Enjoy the Ride)

BVCS takes the stress out of it.



"So Easy!!"

“It was such a great experience and made college preparing so easy!! Thank you for all you have done.”
C.H. (parent)


"I Feel Really Good!"

“My essay is so great and I feel really good about my applications, no matter what happens.”
M.M. (student)


"Makes Me Smile"

“He absolutely loves you and your energy just makes me smile!”
S.P. (parent)

Latest News

Five Myths About College Admissions

Most high school seniors have now heard back about their college applications, a process often cast as a kind of “Hunger Games,” with young Americans battling it out for a chance to attend one of more than 3,000 four-year degree-granting colleges, seeking help wherever it may come, believing that the result will determine the course of their lives.

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